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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the idea/ purpose of the website?

The goal of the website is simple, to earn one million Euro. The amount of one million Euros is meant for the less fortuned students of different universities in the Netherlands who, because of the financial issues of the cabinet, aren’t able to finish their studies. It’s about students whose studies have been delayed because of personal circumstances or because they aren’t financially able to continue their study. For example students who don’t get any financial support from their parents or family.

So the earnings of this website aren’t meant for just one person, but for at least ten students of universities in the Netherlands. Of course the amount of students could increase, if the earnings of this website are increased as well.

We are glad to inform everyone that we have a new student from Portugal in The Millioneurohomepage Team.

Who are we?

We are Nigel, Michael, Laura, Loes, Denise, Jill, Stefan, Brian, Sina, Arjan and Andrew. We are mostly students from
different Universities in The Netherlands: University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University (Rotterdam), University of Leiden, Technical University of Delft, University of Nijmegen and Technical University of Eindhoven. We are also following several studies like Law (2x), Real Estate, Technical Policy Management, Psychology, Econometrics (2x), Criminology, Business Computing and Civil Engineering. But Andrew is a student from Portugal: University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro.
We know each other from our student lives like student associations and student events. Some of us are classmates. We are all still in the bachelor phase of our study. Because of personal circumstances we all have a delay of minimum 1 year and some of us 2 years. The reason for this delay isn’t laziness or negligence, but it has to do with circumstances where it isn’t anyone’s fault. Think of a death in the family or having 2 jobs for paying your study, this would lead to less concentration on the study and automatically a delay.

Now that the government has decided to give students who are delayed one year or more with the completion of their study, a financial fine, we’ll have to make sure we succeed every exam the first time it’s given, because if we don’t, we will have to pay an increased amount of school fee. Some of us need to study extra hard to reduce the delay. This implies that it isn’t possible to have multiple jobs if we want to study harder, but the fact is we need to pay our books and college fee. As a result of the government’s decision a lot of students (we as well) are going through a lot of pressure, given the fact that our study has already been delayed for at least one year. The government will start with fining the delayed students in 2012-2013. Because of the government cutting in education expenses, we started this website, www.millioneurohomepage.com

We came up with this idea thanks to Alex Tew. He earned 1 million dollar with his website, milliondollarhomepage.com. We added our own twist to this concept and found a good cause for the earnings of the website: our studies. If the website becomes a (big) success, then more students can join us.
All decisions concerning the website and the activities related to it are discussed with the whole team. It would be convenient to give the website a face and after a lot of consideration we decided that I will be the face of the website. New members of the team will also be a part of the decision makings in due course.

Why earning money on this way?

There are a lot of ways to earn money, like taking an expensive loan by DUO, but there’s a lot of disadvantage that goes with it, like an enormous education debt. Therefore we came up with this idea, because if this can be done individually, we should also be able to do it as a team. There is absolutely no way we are getting that kind of money thrown at us, because we are still working for it. We invested 1000 hours of labour in this project and also a financial contribution.

Above all, please don’t think that we’re all sitting quiet and doing nothing. We all are students and we all got a small job, one working at the supermarket, while the other works as a call agent etc. Everyone has tried their best to make the study financial feasible. For example We are trying to save money by buying only second-hand books and almost never go partying. We will also let different authorities randomly select students who we could help financially with the earnings of this site. For example: random selection through Facebook.
The new students will join our team. The more pixels we sell, the more students can join us. Also students can apply for themselves or recommend other students through a motivation letter. Of course it’s a must that students who sign up for this financial support , are having problems due to personal circumstances and as a result aren’t able to complete their study .We aren’t talking about those partying students who love to do all except studying and are just living it. Each motivation while be double checked.
Besides it’s important that students have tried to solve their own problems before applying for our help, for example taking a part-time job. If someone contacts us, we promise to safeguard the privacy by not publishing any names or private matters.

Denise studying hard :P

Why should companies or private buy pixels?

This idea has worked once before, in 2005. We shall use the internet, this worldwide network will help us to reach millions of people. Nowadays the internet is a powerful promotion tool, even more powerful than television. We will use social media like Twitter and Facebook. Internet is the most increasingly growing communication network and with a little investment, millions or even billions of people can be reached once the website becomes a success. The website will stay online for at least five years.
In addition we will offer an agreement that can’t be refused and that is a guarantee:
100% refund of costs if the website isn’t a success within one year. By this we mean that if we don’t sell 500.000 pixels within one year, the customers can sell us their pixels back. Milliondollarhomepage.com has worked very well. We want to achieve the same with www.millioneurohomepage.com.

The euro has increasingly become a powerful and influential currency. The euro has currently more value than the dollar and the influence of the euro increases.
We believe that the euro will overtake the dollar in this. Therefore we have chosen millioneuro and we also have the best extension; .com. This is the most common and most valuable extension. If the website will become a success millions of people over the whole world will visit the website.

This will indirectly attract a lot of visitors for the advertisers, because the visitors will see the banners and can be redirected to the website of the advertisers. Millions of hits can be reached at a low price. Besides there are no risks, because there is a guarantee on the purchase.
Who doesn’t want to do an investment with a guarantee. If the investment works the website of the advertisers can get millions of extra visitors. There are low costs and a lot of promotion. Also the advertisements will stay on the millioneurohomepage for years unlike advertisements in papers or other websites.

The date of one year starts when the first pixels will be sold: 1 March 2014
The payments can be made with PayPal or bank to bank transfers. Contact us for our bank account number. 
The pixels cost 1,00 euro each, excluded payment costs.

Why should there be minimum 100 pixels sold?

There are  one million pixels available. The pixels can be bought by everyone. There are no restrictions or limits because any kind of company is welcome. On the main page u can see that the pixels are divided in 10.000 blocks. These blocks represent 100 pixels. The reason for this is simple, there is no use selling only one pixel at the time, because the blocks are too small to click on it and it is too hard to see what is shown on one or ten pixels.

As mentioned earlier there are no limits to the number of pixels advertisers can buy and it is also possible to reserve some space for a week at most. When you buy pixels it is possible to upload your own logo or image. It is forbidden to use obscene or offensive images. As soon as you bought a pixel space it will be your ‘property’, for at least five years. Moreover it is possible to sell your own pixel space. Of course this has to be reported to us. It is also possible to change images/logos during those 5 years. Customers can email such requests with the corresponding image.

Furthermore it is possible to buy pixels with family, friends or colleagues and redirect the pixels that were bought to an own/shared website. The possibilities are endless. The pixels you buy are your belonging. This means that you can decide what you will do with the pixels.

How long will my pixels stay on this website?

Your pixels will stay for at least 5 years! Our goal is to keep this website online forever, that means that the pixels you have bought will stay forever, you don't have to renew your pixels.


We all know that the student life is a stage where you can have a hard time. There are a lot of students who can count on their surroundings, but there are a lot of students who have nobody to rely on. With this website we don’t want to discriminate any student. Everybody is entitled to assistance, but some of them need it more than others. We invite everyone to earn money in a creative way without breaking the law. The homepage will nog change anything from the bought pixels without permission of the client. The goal is to keep the site online forever. We invite all the students in the world to send your story and help us promoting the Millioneurohomepage (in newspapers, Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc...).

We wish everyone good luck with their study and for information, questions and the media you can contact us at: info@millioneurohomepage.com

Customers who already have pixels can contact us at: customers@millioneurohomepage.com                 
(Explicit Customers)

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